Javier Santiago Lozano–Cadena
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Entrepreneur, Advisor, Improv Actor and Amateur Cyclist.

Attempting to bring welfare to individuals —not just users—, through technology.

Co-founder & CTO at Minteo.

Co-founder & CTO • 2022 — Present
Onboarding the next 100 million users to web3: Buy, collect and trade the hottest NFTs using local payment methods.
Co-CTO • 2018 — 2022
Acquired by Bancolombia in 2021, Vlipco is a Fintech Startup that built the technology behind Wompi, Bancolombia's Payments Gateway.
Tech & UX Advisor - Angel Investor
Trademarks, domains and intellectual property surveillance, using AI proprietary models and expert lawyers' oversight in the process.
CTO & Co-Founder
Platform for renting fincas (countryside homes) in Latin America.
Product Development & Software Engineering • 2016 — 2018
Tech-based consultancy & Startups' incubation.
CTO & Co-Founder • 2014 — 2015
(Pivoted) Formerly a digital assistant for everyday needs (shopping, flight booking, etc.). Now a robot-based delivery service known as KiwiBot.
CTO & Co-Founder • 2012 — 2015
(Acquired) Platform for grocery shopping (mobile & web).